Thursday, November 5, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Under Giant Trees we feel our place in the universe. All is One.

Salvador Dali's Anteater

She floats through time searching
They give life, she needs her fix
Another day searching in vain

Salvador Dali's Anteater likes the City

Another day, a new city
Life can be found in abundance here
She thinks she'll stay awhile

Bed Bug on My Toe

Sleep won't come. Sheets twist around my legs,
mummifying my body so recently inflamed with life.

Lying still, regulating my breath.
Maybe if I lay quiet long enough my thoughts
will slow pace to match my corpse.

Quick fire flashes of last night's marathon race through my head.
A marathon of endurance but certainly not of trying to finish first.

My breath quickens and I try to think of nothing. Not nothing but a void of something. A void of sensation, of hunger, of almost-but-not-quite pain. My breath slows and the gray edged softening of sleep closes in.

A sigh slips past my lips as I cat stretch deeper into my sheets.

Ouch! Something bit my toe?!

Digging deep under covers, like a metal detector at the beach, I catch hold of the bugger, crinkling like static in my hand. Discarded wrapper forgotten as quick as it takes to rip open.

My breath quickens and sleep won't come.

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  1. I too try sometimes to just lay in bed and clear my mind but then mishu comes up and drools on my face.....he has no teeth.