Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The late one strikes again!

So all of these sketch drawings were done today at Barnes and Noble. I forgot my eraser so you will see a lot of pencil marks. I must also say that ALL OF YOU are so super talented. I am glad I drew these without seeing yours cause I would not have the guts to show them. But in overall, you guys make me want to do more and push myself more and for that I THANK YOU ALL... specially to the theme master Hildi and Dennis who came up with this brilliant idea so we can all be more creative and share.
Dali's anteater loving the city
Bed bug on my toe. It's seen through a ...i totally forgot what it's called. I think in spanish is lupa

wasabi face

X-treme pillow fight

Aquatic ape.

Misguided sippoku...he was misguided on where to stab himself

Act your age. This is what I think of me acting my age...stuck in a cubicle typing away.


  1. Yo little mama, your posts always bring a huge smile on my face! This project wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you!!!! Keep creating they look great!


  2. late but always great! i'm really excited that you're playing with us on top of all your mama duties. your drawings make me laugh! keep bringing it meli! maybe one day jonah can grace us with some doodles too? i like your bed bug, anteater and aquatic ape the most.

    by the way, we've been taking theme contributions from everybody and will be putting together a calendar for easier reference.